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Hydraulic Filter Cartridge

Hydraulic Filter Cartridge
Hydraulic Filter Cartridge
Product Code : HFC
Brand Name : SS Filters
Product Description
Hydraulic Filter Cartridge

SSFilters Pvt. Ltd. has designed a series of products for hydraulic oil, lube oil & replacement filter components. Taint is the number one reason of failure in lubrication & hydraulic systems. Failures can result in down time, fluid & component substitutions as well as excessive maintenance expenses. SS Filters Pvt. Ltd. hydraulic filter provides favourable covering against taint, dispensing you certain dependability for your fluid power materials.

It is very significant to choose a filter that will enhance the functioning of a hydraulic or lube system so that the expense of any failure does not part to contamination. Filters are named as per their fittings in a hydraulic or lube system. Accordingly we have:

  • Pressure Filter
  • Suction Filter
  • Offline Filter
  • Breather Filter
  • Return Filter

Suction Filter

  • This filter is fitted on pump's suction port or is drowned in the reservoir and connected to the suction line directing to the pump. The prime role of the suction filter is to prevent the pump from big particles found in the reservoir. This filter is normally a a magnetic separator or even coarse mesh filter. Superior efficiency filters are generally not located on the suction side due to extensive differential pressure which can result in pump failure.

Pressure Filter

  • This filter is usually putted between the outlet of pump & the remaining of the materials in a hydraulic system. The concept here is to shield all constituents in a given system. This filter must hold up full system pressure & must be able to handle the maximal pump flow including fluctuating flow pressure & pressure cycles. In most cases, this is generally the tiniest filter but also the most costly.
  • Filter with a bypass uses components that are categorized as low collapse (can hold up differential pressure upto 450 paid, 30 bar.) Filter that contains no bypass uses components that are categorized as high collapse (can hold up differential pressure upto 3000 paid, 450 bar.)

Return Filter 

  • Return filter may be set up either inside or in-line the reservoir. The engineers of the system gathers all flow from the system and lead it via return line filter resulting in cleaning oil in the reservoir will.
  • Return filters are installed with external or internal by pass valves as a norm since they are dependent on flow rates which may be excessive than that of maximal flow rate of pump. The by-pass valve prevents the structure from bursting & the media from collapse failure. Over sizing of a return filter is a usual practice. This permits the flexibility to upgrade the filtration degree without forming extensively high differential pressure. Normally this is the biggest & the least costly filter and a general filter for a mobile hydraulic system.

Offline Filter:(Dedicated)

  • Some users or OEMS of a lube or hydraulic system puts an offline filter system. This system is a self accommodated filter system. It comprises a pump-motor accumulation as a energy source and a series of filtration flexibility to accomplish various intended results. It can simply be joined to a system reservoir. This system can be operated intermittently or 24 /7.
  • Highly efficient breathers can increase the functional life of all filter units on lubricating & hydraulic system by managing airborne ingression, which is amidst the leading roots of particulate taint. desiccant & Spin-on breathers come in a broad assortment of adapters in case any reservoir or gearbox is to be retrofitted.
  • SS Filters Pvt. Ltd. renders high quality replacement fuel & hydraulic oil filters to handle the escalated performance demands of new era hydraulic systems comprising spin-ons, cartridges, off-line filters, breathers, suction filter, pressure filter & in-line filter.
  • We can assist you in selecting the filter, which will cater all your needs for high capacity, cleanliness, reliable performance, extended filter life & economy.

Medias to meet specific Applications:

We provide four filter components which delivers the perfect dependability in broad assortment of temperatures with keeping rates from 1 to 200 microns. This empowers you to select the media which is most time-saving for your peculiar usage.

  • Stainless wire mesh is a washable media which is suitable for heavy duty application with higher micron retention rates.
  • Cellulose is an inexpensive media suited for light duty applications.
  • Water removal micro-glass has the same feature as our Micro-glass media but offers the advantages of removing small trace of water which significantly increases performance & equipment in hydraulic & lube systems.
  • solvents & high water based fluids. Improved fluid cleanliness provides more reliable equipment, less down time & reduced equipment maintenance cost.
  • Microglass has much better dirt holding capacity & can last up to 4 to 5 times longer than cellulose. It provides the ultimate cleanliness & has superior fluid compatibility with hydraulic fluids, synthetics

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