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Demister Pads

Demister Pads
Demister Pads
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Product Description

Demister Pads

Demister pads, also called as mist eliminators are porous blankets of plastic knitted or metal wire mesh; that efficiently removes entrained liquid droplets from vapor streams. It can be developed in any size and shape and can be installed in both, new or existing process vessels.


As vapor and entrained liquid droplets passes through a demister pad, the vapor moves freely through the mesh pad, but liquid droplets with greater inertia cannot make the necessary sharp turns and contacts with the wire surfaces and briefly held there. When this process continuous, droplets continue to stuck and collected on the wires. This results in the increase in the size of droplets. These droplets slides down the wire to bottom surface of the mesh separator and fall from the unit. The process results in freeing the overhead vapor from entrained liquid.


Mesh and grids can be be made using any of many metals and plastics, such as SS-304, 304L, 316, 316L, Metal, Copper, Nickel, P.T.F.E., H.D.P.E., P.P., etc.
Air filter mesh is a kind of filtration material that is widely used in automotive industry.  It can be used as air filters, entrainment separators, flam arrestors, oil filters, etc.


These properly designed demister pads can give up to 99.9% efficiency with minimal pressure drop. Generally, a demister pad can remove droplets down to 5 microns and lower covering the surface area of up to 1940 m2/m3; thus giving up to 99% efficiency.


These are installed above the surface of liquid at certain distance. It works to disengage mist droplets and coarsest particles. The vapor and gas-liquid mixture flow at a predetermined velocity through the demister pad. The vapor/gas passes through the mesh, but the mist and droplets  impinge on the mesh due to its greater inertia. The droplets gradually increase to a bigger size and due to gravitational force fall down. This process automatically cleans the demister pad from droplets, allowing the vapor/gas to pass freely without any entrainment.


  • Easily installation in new or existing vessels
  • High removal efficiency
  • No limitation on size or shape
  • No maintenance or service required
  • Negligible pressure drop, less than 25mm of water gauge
  • No limitations of corrosion and temperature


  • Evaporator, Refining lube towers, Refining vacuum tower,  Steam drums, Scrubbers, Absorber, Separators vessels and knock out drums.
  • Any process vessels that handles liquid and vapor and where complete separation of liquid droplets from gas/vapor is a necessity.