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SS Filters Pvt. Ltd., is a SSI unit. We have in house facilities to manufacture,supplier and exporter of Glassfiber Filters, Glass Microfiber Filters, Glass Fiber Membrane, Glass Fiber Membrane Filters, Fiber Filter, Filter Housing, Plastic Component Development, Depth Filter Products, Capsule Filter, Duplex Filter, Filter Pads, Filter Holder, Syringe Filter Holder, Membrane Filter Holder , etc above all expertise in special filter development.

Company Mission

At SS.Filters Pvt. Ltd., our central objective is to continually endeavor to accomplish magnificence in every one of our attempts by building up frameworks to make amazing items to satisfy the necessities of our client. To accomplish this, we: 

  • Competitive analysis of products from different brands
  • Approve our items.
  • Creation of products, which are easy to use and innovative

We are continually working on enhancements and welcome proposals from our clients in light of the fact that our clients are 'The need'. We might share our experience to help you to overcome issues when all is said in done channel item use and also propose best answers for your filtration needs.

Products Portfolio

  • Pp/ Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge
  • Glassfiber Filters & Glass Microfiber Filters
  • Ss Pleated Filter Cartridge
  • Ss Sintered Filter Cartridge
  • Ss Single Cartridge Housing
  • Ss Multi Cartridge Housing
  • Duplex Filter
  • Filter Pads
  • Membrane Filter Holder
  • 142mm Filter Holder For R&D
  • 47mm Membrane Filter Holder
  • Syringe Filter Holder
  • Sparkler Filter Housing
  • Capsule Filter
  • Coalescent Filter Cartridge
  • High Pressure Filter Cartridge
  • Seed Germination Paper
  • Ph Indicator Paper
  • Whatman Equivalent Laboratory Filter Paper
    Quality Assurance
      Our expert group of instrumentation and control frameworks is committed to design easy to use control and mechanization frameworks taking into account the procedure prerequisites empowering exact control and operation of the plants. 
        We give completely programmed drying plants with cutting edge and keen control frameworks, for example, PLC and DCS with intelligent client interface and report era and exchange office. We are quality concern organization and therefore created a state-of-the-art quality control unit to test each product such as Glassfiber Filters, Glass Microfiber Filters, etc. We meticulously check the detailing of the products and consequently working on those aspects.
          Our Infrastructure
            We have a cutting edge production facility, equipped with advanced machinery. Our infrastructure is the backbone of our business process. We produce world class supplies at our assembling office. Our generation is arranged carefully to guarantee convenient conveyance and quality is managed meticulously to find out adjustment to global standards. Our saying is to keep up solidarity in the middle of man and machine to accomplish magnificence production. We have picked up praise for entirely taking after GMP models. 
              Our expert group of Research and Development is centered around configuration viewpoints , as well as realize that a decent plan ought to be combined with present day control frameworks which can guarantee steady and safe execution and operation.
                Product Application
                  We have a cost effective designs and efficient functionary of our products like Glassfiber Filters, Glass Microfiber Filters, etc.  All our products including Glass Fiber Membrane Filters, Cellulose Filter, Fiber Filter, etc are widely applicable in different industries. We have a reputation of being a highest supplier of bag filters to different industries. Some of the dominant industries where our products are mostly applicable are:
                    • Pharmaceuticals
                    • Perfume industry
                    • HPLC & Laboratory Filtration
                    • Waste Vegetable Oil
                    • Biodiesel
                    • Air Pollution Control
                    • Machine Tool Coolants 
                    • Paints, Ink, Resin, Coatings
                    • Petrochemical Industry

                    Our Exports Market:

                    • Abu Dhabi
                    • Oman
                    • Qatar
                    • Dubai
                    • All Other Middle Countries