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Coalescing Filter Cartridge

Coalescing Filter Cartridge
Coalescing Filter Cartridge
Product Code : 25
Brand Name : SS FILTERS
Product Description

Moisture Removal Coalescing Filter Cartridge  for Air and Gas

For removal of moisture, oil & particulate from air and gas, coalescing filter cartridge is an ideal solution. The cartridge is composed of stainless steel shell and support components. The idea behind using a SS wire mesh outer core is to support the filter media from flow of liquid at differential pressure. The HEPA filter media is capable of removing better than 0.3 micron particles in gas service.


Compressed air or gas enters the cartridge's inner core & flows outward from the extended area filter media & perforated metal casing.
The filter media coalesces the airborne droplets & subsequently concentrates it on the outer surface.
The coalesced liquid due to gravity force starts collecting at the bottom of the filter housing, from where it can be easily drained.
This process allows the air or gas stream to continue to flow absolutely free from oil, moisture and particulates.


The air or gas flows from inside to outside of a cartridge. When oil, water & other liquid aerosols pass through the filter media, their reduced velocities make the filter fibers “wet” and forms large droplets. These droplets move through the filter media and gets collected on the outer cartridge and by the pull of the gravitational force, drains to the bottom of filter cartridge housing. It is then collected to an extended sump outside. Apart from this cartridge, we recommend to install a particle filter at upstream of the coalescing filter, that will operate in the standard outside to inflow configuration. This will increase the removal efficiency of Oil Removal Coalescing Filter Cartridge and also extend its service life.


  • Filter media efficiently removes the particles and coalescence it in a wide range of applications.
  • Extremely low pressure drop.
  • Operate at temperatures up to 450º F.
  • Stainless steel construction allows it to be used in most corrosive environments.
  • Continual process of trapping air/gas and draining liquids.
  • Removes all traces of oil vapor with carbon adsorbent cartridges.
  • Completely resistant to water, compressor oils, and virtually every other liquid or gas.
  • Complete range of port sizes, from 15 mm to 300 mm lines sizes.
  • Pleated media offering long filter life.
  • Longer life of cartridge, even in dirty air or gas systems.
  • Service flow ranges from a few SCFM to over 65,000 SCFM.
  • Low operating costs.


Apart from standard cartridge, customized Coalescent filter cartridges can be manufactured.


This kind of filter is used primarily to remove particles from hydrocarbon fluids and coalesce emulsified water.

Major applications are:

  • As prefilter for compressed air & gas dryers
  • Filtration of aviation jet fuel and all other types of other fuels
  • Condensate streams where natural gas is produced
  • Process streams in refineries and petrochemical plants
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Transformer oils
  • Turbine oils
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Chemicals, resins and solvents
  • Power generation
  • Final filter for air operated instruments and paint spray equipment.
  • Others applications that require oil and liquid free compressed natural gas or air.